Wes Craven hints at a new trilogy with Scream 4

The SCREAM trilogy is far from over...

Talking to MTV, Wes Craven seemed to skip over MY SOUL TO TAKE and went right to his next big feature, SCREAM 4.

First he addressed the plot, "The studio wants to be very, very secretive about it. I think it's kind of known that Neve is returning to her hometown for a short visit, and all hell breaks loose. But there's also a whole cast of new characters -- there's some very, very interesting kids."

Neve is returning for a "short" visit? I know her reign as the leading scream queen for the series can't last forever. It just makes me sad to think that she either dies or ends up the killer. At this point I'm not really sure which, I mean, it's possible she makes a cameo then just disappears. Then again, that's probably not accurate either. I just can't seem to decide. The decisions are either off, sad, or cliche.

Will there be be a SCREAM 5, 6, or 7? Craven said this, "It is or was a planned trilogy. I think the studio is realistic enough to say, let's see how it does. But Kevin Williamson [the series creator and screenwriter] does have an idea for a planned trilogy out of it." Is or was? Stop screwing me around! Nah, if it does good, then there's plenty of opportunity for another installment in the series.

Would you take a new SCREAM trilogy? If you want to hear Craven say all this himself, check out the video below.

Extra Tidbit: I am still pretty obsessed with the first three SCREAM movies. Yes. Even the third one. It's amusing.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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