Whedon's next is...

Joss Whedon recently gave BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL and FIREFLY/ SERENITY fans a little taste of what is to come from the scribe. He stopped by Comic Con this year to talk about his new two-disc Collector's Editon of SERENITY, which looks to be even more loaded with extras than before. And the Browncoats seemed to be in full force to hear everything he had to say. He answered questions and seemed to put to rest any plans for the ANGEL movie by saying that it would be called "Bones, Season 2".

But he also talked a little bit about a project which may happen, care of the BBC. What can we expect from Whedon and BBC in the next year? "I will be filming RIPPER" Yes folks, all you Anthony Stewart Head fans may have something to get excited about, it seems that Rupert Giles past (and possibly present) may be explored. He didn't give much about it away, but if it happens, Buffy fans all over will be able to revisit this beloved character. And who knows, maybe some of the old Scooby Gang will pay him a visit somehow. Or is that just wishful thinking?

As for another project, he did peak some interest with this comment. "Drew Goddard and I co-wrote CABIN IN THE WOODS…" which he claimed would be "… the horror film to end all horror films… literally." What this means and what it would be about he did not say, but let's just say that the many Whedonites seemed pretty damn excited that he would be coming back to television and film after his current comic book, or as he calls it, "his mid-life crisis" phase (but don't fret, he has no plans to stop making comics, most notably BUFFY). Either way, it looks like we may be able to have more Joss Whedon goodness in the next couple of years.

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