When in Rome Trailer

Josh and Kris, WHEN IN ROME

This is a really tough one. On one hand, you have yet another formulaic romantic comedy AND directed by Mark Steven Johnson who ruined two perfectly good Marvel characters with films that deserved another kind of Oscar, the one living in a trash can on Sesame Street. On the other hand, you have Kristen Bell, AND she's surrounded by Will Arnett, Danny DeVito and Jon Heder. What to think, what to think...

Disney unleashed the full trailer for WHEN IN ROME which sees Bell as a depressingly single exec who steals a few coins from an iconic Italian fountain, prompting the men who threw in said coins to fall desperately in love with her. The greatest dilemma is finding out whether the one guy she actually likes, a dude who looks like Josh Duhamel simply because he IS, suffers the same enchantment or actually likes her too. Aww chucks!

The film comes out January 29th, AKA Cinematic Wasteland, and its trailer is available to peek right down there. And by the way, Mark Steven Johnson is attached to one more comic book adaptation, Vertigo's PREACHER.

Extra Tidbit: Poor Josh Duhamel. I can imagine that phone call for TF2. "Josh? Mike Bay. You gotta do the sequel. Whadda ya mean see the script first? WHAT f*cking script?"
Source: Yahoo Movies



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