Which super mega star is joining Kevin Smith's Tusk?

Okay, “Super Mega Star” might be a bit much but most people know who Johnny Depp is. I’d be surprised if I met someone who didn’t. I even know people who are horrible with names who remember Mr. Depp. I just don’t usually ask them what movie they remember him from. Something something Tim Burton.

That said, Johnny Depp will be boarding Kevin Smith’s TUSK. The story centers on “a journalist (Justin Long) who finds the story of a lifetime in Mr. Howe (Michael Parks), a worldwide adventurer with amazing tales and a curious penchant for walruses.” Sounds a little kooky right? Long actually gave away the actors name in an interview with Long Island Newsday. When asked what film projects he was working on next, Long answered, ”It's called "Tusk." Johnny Depp is in that one.”

Smith got fangirly on twitter before Long let it slip:

Hey, I don’t blame him. I get all fangirly over Depp too.

The Wrap states that Depp is likely to play a French-Canadian inspector named Guy Lapointe, who investigates the bizarre case of a man trapped in a walrus costume.

What are you guys thinking of Tusk so far?



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