Whip It featurette

So I know that many of you aren't too excited for WHIP IT, which follows Ellen Page's roller derby escapades as she tries to fit in at high school. But how does a minute long, behind the scenes look with Drew Barrymore sound?

Yeah, I didn’t think that would win you over. I actually believe this movie could be rather cute, but yes, I’m probably only going if a date makes me, which will save me some amount of man-points. Watching the featurette, I realized that Drew Barrymore in real life is EXACTLY like Drew Barrymore in every movie she’s ever been in, hence why MY DATE WITH DREW was a pretty surreal experience.

It’s the girl’s directorial debut, so be nice. Or I guess be mean if you really never want her to make another movie again, but I can’t knock her too much. She’s so earnest! Anyways, check out the brief featurette below, or head over to Apple if you want to see Drew’s rainbow hair in HD.

Extra Tidbit: Is there such a thing as male roller derby? They probably shut it down when people just started dying.
Source: Apple



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