Who is Max Neptune?

As much as I enjoy bombastic budget-busting theatrical blasts (I am a self-professed Michael Bay fan, after all), I'm always interested in seeing what aspiring filmmakers can do with significantly smaller budgets. Gotta show support for the resourceful "little guys" out there who are utilizing whatever elements are at their disposal to get their movie made -- after all, that's how guys like Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson started out, and you never know who your future franchise master might be...

That brings me to MAX NEPTUNE AND THE MENACING SQUID, which looks like some good old-fashioned low-budget fun, a serial-flavored space saga with square-jawed hero, ray guns, alien gunfighter, cackling villain, damsel in distress, plenty of overacting, and one bitchslap. So far the flick looks a bit like SKY CAPTAIN made for pocket change, with a campy pulp tone and some ambitious lo-fi FX. Hell, I think I enjoyed the short trailer more than all three STAR WARS prequels.

Check out the trailer RIGHT HERE and the flick's MySpace page HERE!
Extra Tidbit: Other filmmakers who graduated from scraping together a few thousand dollars for their movies are Kevin Smith and Darren Aronofsky.
Source: Max Neptune



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