Whole New Helms

Ed Helms, former "Daily Show" correspondent and current "The Office" star, has signed on to star in and write the upcoming comedy A WHOLE NEW HUGH for Universal. Helms pitched the idea to the studio with Judd Apatow (KNOCKED UP) after they met while working on the upcoming comedy WALK HARD. The film follows three guys who look to improve the bad luck of one of their buds by making it look like everything he does is a roaring success. Apatow was able to convince Universal that, like another former "Daily Show" star Steve Carell, Helms is a star waiting to break out (quite true: check out this pretty hilarious compilation here). In addition to his role in WALK HARD (where he co-stars with "Office"-mate Jenna Fischer), Helms can be seen this summer in EVAN ALMIGHTY and will start shooting STARSHIP DAVE with Eddie Murphy in June. Apatow has about 100 projects on the way including the aforementioned KNOCKED UP and WALK HARD plus SUPER BAD, YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN and ATTORNEYS AT RAW.

Extra Tidbit: Helms' cousin is Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Wes Helms.
Source: Variety



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