Willis goes viral

Disney will be on hand at this weekend's New York Comic-Con (as will JoBlo.com) showing off some footage from their upcoming Bruce Willis sci-fi flick SURROGATES. Directed by Jonathan Mostow, the film stars Willis and Radha Mitchell as futuristic policemen looking into the death of a man responsible for creating a system that allows you to create a digital/robotic "surrogate" of yourself. Who's a surrogate? Who's real? It's up to Bruce Willis to crack some skulls to find out. Though no footage from the film is online yet, you can already have a little viral SURROGATES fun. If you head to chooseyoursurrogate.com, you can make your own surrogate based on your own image. There's a lot to tool around with at that site if you've got the time to dig through it. Check back here next week as we'll bring you our full coverage from the NYCC including SURROGATES and much more!

Extra Tidbit: SURROGATES is produced by ZACK AND MIRI star Elizabeth Banks.
Source: JoBlo.com



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