Winstone turns down Sweeney

And no, not SWEENEY TODD. Sorry for the misunderstanding there. This story is about the big screen adaptation of the British TV Series 'THE SWEENEY', which was about two crime-fighting members of the Flying Squad, an elite branch of the British police force who specialised in armed robberies and violent crime. So, yeah, apparently Ray Winstone has turned down the chance to play the lead in the movie, which is a blow because he would've been fantastic in it. The original TV Series was crazy violent - even by today's standards - and after seeing Winstone channel his psychopathic side a little in THE DEPARTED, it would've been cool seeing him crack some skulls in Nick Love's (OUTLAW) big screen version. The word comes from Danny Dyer (MEAN MACHINE) who has signed on for the flick, who says that "He's too busy with stuff like Indiana Jones. He's got a house in Los Angeles. I think Nick is going for Paul Bettany now." Paul Bettany? The guy is an amazing actor but I don't know if he'd be right for this. Still, I guess we'll see what happens.
Extra Tidbit: Check out Danny Dyer being awesome.
Source: Digital Spy



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