Wolverine is ready to go to Japan next January

The script for WOLVERINE 2 is finished! Now it's time for Logan to head to Japan.

Christopher McQuarrie (THE USUAL SUSPECTS, VALKYRIE) wrote the script for the next installment.

Last August, it was revealed that the Japan story by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont would be used for the film. However, there is a slight change. Now a big part is a love story between Logan and a Japanese actress. The Wolvie source says this on the tale, "It's a beautiful story and will be very different from the first film."

Different good? Or different bad? Originally Logan did travel to Japan in search of his love, Mariko Yashida. We knew that Wolverine was a big softy, but this means no more Yashida. She's been replaced with some other chick who will undoubtedly have some sort of baggage or problems, as they all do. I mean, she's an actress. Look at Mary Jane Watson, that girl had all kinds of issues. Don't worry though, Wolverine will still kick tons of as a Ronin. Unless they change that too.

The film still is in need of a director. Who will they get on board for this? Anyone got any good ideas? Shooting on the sequel begins in January 2011.

Extra Tidbit: Dave Davis just informed me that the guy who provided this breaking news was also fired from his last job for reviewing the pirated leak of the first movie. Hilarious.
Source: Showbiz 411



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