Woody off to war

After goofing off with Will Ferrell in the upcoming comedy SEMI-PRO, Woody Harrelson is heading off to war. The actor has signed on to reteam with NATURAL BORN KILLERS director Oliver Stone on the Vietnam drama PINKVILLE. Harrelson joins the already cast Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum in the story of the My Lai Massacre, where hundreds of innocent Vietnamese citizens were killed by US troops. Harrelson will play Colonel Henderson, the leader of the task force that committed the massacre. Willis will play a general investigating the incident while Tatum will play the soldier who put a stop to the killing. Oliver Stone has been off his mark lately so will a classic Vietnam tale hark back to some of his finer work? Anything to take the taste of WORLD TRADE CENTER out of my mouth would do fine by me. PINKVILLE is set up at Tom Cruise's United Artists and MGM will release in theaters. Production is set to begin early next year, right around the same time Harrelson's SEMI-PRO hits theaters.

Extra Tidbit: "Pinkville" was Army slang for the region of My Lai because it was colored pink on their maps.



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