Worst disaster Ever!

Being number one is so awesome. If you're number one you get all the girls, you get the best flavours of ice cream, your pets love you more, cheese melts faster, and your back is almost never hairy. Well it looks like DISASTER MOVIE can cancel all its waxing appointments because it has graciously been voted as the worst film of all time by all those who call IMDB home. Earlier this year Paris Hilton's box office smash THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE held the number one spot, only to have it snatched away by some atrocity called BEN AND ARTHUR.

All sarcasm aside, the studios releasing this garbage need to wake up and actually put some effort into their product. Stop casting dudes named G. Thang in your films, and stop creating characters named "Jessicas Simpson-look-a-like" and "Dr. Phil look-a-like" and of course, "Flava Fav look-a-like". It's actually kind of pathetic and has a tendency to give me diahrreah. DISASTER MOVIE may not be the worst film ever made, but hopefully its inclusion on the list will alert the dudes that are greenlighting this garbage to just please, please stop.
Extra Tidbit: No joke, the film's working title was Meet the Spartans 2: The Story of McLover & The Kingdom of the Crystal Beer Can. Good. god.
Source: /Film



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