Your Thoughts: GI Joe

If you took a poll of about 100 fanboys this past spring which movie they thought would be better GI JOE or TRANSFORMERS 2, I think you'd get at least 99% responding TRANSFORMERS 2. ROTF was rolling high on the buzz the early trailers had delivered while GI JOE was stumbling with bizarre photos of Cobra Commander leaking on the web. But somewhere along the way TRANSFORMERS 2 wound up becoming a complete mess (just 20% on Rotten Tomatoes and I don't know how it got that high) and early screenings of GI JOE began to show promise. The Twitterverse has been flooded with early reviews loving GI JOE and our own JimmyO calls it a "hoot and a half!".

Now that GI JOE is in theaters, what did you think? We want your thoughts. Did it live up to the comics and the cartoon? Was it really better than TRANSFORMERS 2? Are you looking forward to a sequel? We'll leave this talkback open all weekend for you to share your thoughts with fellow fans (just no spoilers please).

Source: JoBlo.com



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