Zach and Amy in Town

Normally a drama about a sheltered man who strikes up a friendship with a call girl wouldn't be a movie that would register high on my radar. But TOWN HOUSE is a movie that's got me all kinds of excited for the talent it has attracted. Zach Galifianakis and Amy Adams have signed on to star in the pic, which will be directed by John Carney (ONCE) and produced by Ridley Scott.

If you visit the site at all, you know my feelings about Amy Adams. Equal parts adorable and talented. Galifianakis is one of the very few comics I'm interested in seeing tackle dramatic roles. Plus he's adorable and talented too. The movie takes a leap into the next stratosphere with the involvement of Carney, who directed one of this decade's very best romance films in ONCE. Don't believe me? Go rent it and then feel awesome for the rest of the day.

The full plot of HOUSE follows Galifianakis as the son of a rock star who suffers agoraphobia and lives in a Boston town home with his teenage son. As the royalties from his father's work begin to dwindle, he strikes up a friendship with a local call girl (I'm even willing to accept the leap in logic that any call girl looks like Amy Adams). Filming for Fox is scheduled to begin next summer.

Extra Tidbit: Carney co-wrote the script with Pulitzer Prize-winner Doug Wright.
Source: Variety



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