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Zoolander 2: Bluer Steel


For a couple of years, Ben Stiller has occasionally mentioned a desire to bring his brainless high-haired supermodel ZOOLANDER back to screens.

It looks like he now has his partner in crime, and it's not Hansel. (Not yet.)

Regular Stiller collaborator Justin Theroux, who co-wrote TROPIC THUNDER (and IRON MAN 2) will reportedly direct Derek's return to the catwalk, and is working on the script with Ben right now.

According to Deadline, Theroux is "going to Fashion Week in Paris to immerse himself on what is current in fashion," even though that fashion will be outdated by the time the movie gets made and released. Unless it will be fashionably unfashionable. I really don't know much about fashion. Except breasts. They never go out of fashion.

No word on the story yet, although they're apparently trying to get the ubiquitous Jonah Hill for the new villain.

Extra Tidbit: Theroux played the breakdancing dreadlocked deejay in ZOOLANDER.



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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