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A Knight Rider movie is still on the way with the addition of a new screenwriter

I somehow managed to forget about the fact that a KNIGHT RIDER movie was being planned. To be fair, the last time we ever wrote up anything on the subject it was 2002 and the project was just being announced. At that time, Revolution Studios, who brought us XXX were the ones housing the film. Not only that but the flick was being written by series creator Glen Larson with David...
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Hey Boo Boo! Jay Chandrasekhar will write and direct Yogi Bear 2!

YOGI BEAR was an abomination, meow. I mean, there was absolutely nothing redeeming about it as a movie in any capacity. It will not go down in history for much except the infamous poster that looks like Yogi raping Boo Boo . But, seeing as it made $200 million meow, that is reason enough to subject us to more big screen garbage. But, maybe meow there is a chance the sequel won't be...
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