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Review: Life on the Line

PLOT: A crew of linemen, in the midst of replacing an outdated electrical grid, are hit by a deadly storm. REVIEW: I have a theory about John Travolta VOD movies. After watching a few of them, Iím starting to think he only takes the roles based on what kind of wig he can wear, or how elaborate his facial hair can be. In THE FORGER, it was an unruly mop, with an off-center...
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John Travolta plays with electricity in the trailer for Life on the Line

LIFE ON THE LINE follows Beau ( John Travolta ), his beloved niece Bailey ( Kate Bosworth ) and the hardworking men who risk their lives to work (wait for it) "on the line" to keep the electric grid running. Haunted by the electrocution of his brother, Beau is devoted to Bailey and determined to see her go off to college and away from the life of linemen. Bailey has other plans, however,...
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Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2 to hit theaters and VOD in February 2016

Fans of cult favorite SLC PUNK have been anxiously awaiting this news: the sequel finally has a release date. It was announced that the roll-out of PUNK'S DEAD: SLC PUNK 2 will begin in theaters followed by VOD and DVD in February 2016 . Almost one year ago , we saw the full trailer for James Merendino 's sequel which has been teased for almost two years. After a...
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Return to SLC with the full NSFW trailer for Punk's Dead

When I worked at Blockbuster Video (man, that makes me sound old), there were always certain movies constantly checked out or with a waiting list. THE BOONDOCK SAINTS was one and SLC PUNK! was another. I never quite got all of the love for SLC PUNK! but I know there is a rabid fan-base that has been clamoring for the long in development sequel PUNK'S DEAD: A YOUNG PUNK'S ODYSSEY....
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Heroin Bob returns in teaser trailer for Punk's Dead: SLC Punk! 2

Hey posers, I got something for ya! Director James Merendino has released a teaser trailer for PUNK'S DEAD: SLC PUNK! 2 , the upcoming sequel to his 1998 cult movie SLC PUNK! Although Matthew Lillard and Jason Segal won't be back for the follow up, Michael Goorjian will return as Heroin Bob, and he will also be the narrator this time. The film also stars Ben Schnetzer...
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Exclusive interview with director James Merendino! New details on SLC Punk 2

Last year I was shocked to discover director James Merendino was developing PUNK'S DEAD, a follow-up to his cult classic SLC PUNK! Being a huge fan of the original, I was very curious to know what he had planned for his new movie, especially with most of the main cast returning . Luckily, I got to speak with him earlier this week, and he revealed a bunch of new information on...
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Most of the original cast will return for the SLC Punk sequel Punk's Dead

I'm not sure what to expect from PUNK'S DEAD, the sequel to 1998's SLC PUNK! (Jesus, it's been fifteen years?!) but I am very glad James Merendino is back to write and direct it . Movies involving hardcore fans of music, movies or anything really (think DETROIT ROCK CITY or FANBOYS) can be tricky because you want to make sure the characters (and their love for...
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SLC Punk! sequel will hit theaters in 2014 and here's a concept poster to prove it

Although it was just a rumor it looks like now it's official: a sequel to the 1998 indie comedy SLC PUNK! called PUNK'S DEAD will start filming later this year and should be released sometime in 2014. This news comes from a PR Newswire announcement for Productions La Chatte and according to them most of the original cast members (although they don't say who) will be back for...
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