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Review: Wolves

PLOT: A star teenaged athlete (Taylor John Smith), hoping to land a Cornell scholarship, has to contend with his abusive father ( Michael Shannon ), whose gambling debts threaten to unravel his family and quash his dreams. REVIEW: Bart Freundlich ’s WOLVES is showing up on VOD and theaters this week without much fuss following its Tribeca Film Festival premiere....
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Michael Shannon has a gambling problem in the trailer for Wolves

An 18-year-old basketball star who is being recruited by Cornell University seems to have it all figured out: captain of his team, a good student, has a longtime girlfriend and some good friends. But at home he's struggling with his troubled father ( Michael Shannon ) who has a gambling addiction. His mother ( Carla Gugino ) tries to keep the family afloat but does so with great...
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Review: Wolves

PLOT: Teenager Cayden Richards must flee his town after his parents are savagely murdered, which he's afraid he did in an unconscious state. Finding a village called Pupine Ridge, Richards discovers the truth about his identity: that he's a werewolf. REVIEW: WOLVES is a toothless dog indeed, silly and predictable and not really made for any one audience in particular....
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X-men writer David Hayter's directorial debut Wolves gets two new trailers

The name David Hayter may not be known for directing, but he certainly has written his fair share of movies including the first X-MEN and Zack Snyder 's WATCHMEN. Now, Hayter is making his debut as a director with the action-horror movie WOLVES starring Lucas Till and Jason Momoa . We have the first two trailers for the movie, one red band and the other green. While werewolves...
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Wolves battle mutant humans in the highly sought script Yellowstone Falls

Talk about a bizarre combination. The recently bought spec script for YELLOWSTONE FALLS will pit wild wolves against a band of mutated humans in a post-apocalyptic setting. The incomplete script was subject to wild bidding as studios vied for the unique story with the winner being QED, the same producers of David Ayer 's upcoming FURY. While it remains to be seen whether YELLOWSTONE...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: The Grey Commentary!

The Grey Commentary! Click above to LISTEN NOW! The JoBlo Movie Podcast returns with another commentary, this time for the movie that topped Moreno's best of 2012 list and made it to number 3 on Jim Law's (really 15 but whatevs), Joe Carnahan 's THE GREY . The boys discuss what it'd be like to be stranded in...
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