TV Review: The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 4)

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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EPISODE 4: Here’s Not Here

THE HOOK: Tonight we see Morgan’s journey from balls ass crazy to a man of principle.

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don’t recommend reading this if you haven’t watched this episode

THE LOWDOWN: Before I jump into tonight’s episode, I want to throw out a few more thoughts on the Glenn situation. I love this show, I do, but if Glenn didn’t actually die last week, I fear a small piece of my faith in this show, will. I get misdirection, and of course any true fan has ‘suspension of disbelief’ on tap, but playing with people’s emotions like this is a little harsh if indeed that’s what’s going on. Okay, so within the realm of Walking Dead believability, yes, if Nicholas’ guts soaked Glenn up, there is a small chance the walker horde would disregard him long enough for him to do something about it, but it just feels cheap to me. I guess we’ll find out soon, but with all the hype circling since last Sunday, I felt the need to rant. Now, onto Morgan.

Right off the bat, love for Morgan or no, people are going to bitch about the pace of this episode, but me, I found it to be a welcome breath of fresh air. The plot itself fills in the gap between the past episode “Clear”, where Rick and Michonne find a delirious Morgan living in a walker death camp, to now, where we find a very different Morgan. Ironically, in “Clear”, though Morgan is still very much lost, he actually talks to Rick before they leave and seems, well, relatively coherent. Not so much when he’s out in the wild. The way he dispatches the two guys following him was brutal, ruthless and totally emotionless. It’s like he’s on autopilot—I MUST CLEAR. Part of me felt bad for those two, but then again, you shouldn’t be skulking around in the woods following strangers either. I wasn’t sure what he was walking into when I heard the goat, but again, even though Eastman was talking to him, Morgan didn’t hear it—the way everything around him blurred was a nice touch.

Eastman is one of the coolest new cast members to come along in a very long time (if only the population of Alexandria were a fraction as cool). I was torn by this, as it’s obvious that Eastwood was never going to make it (especially once he pulled out the rabbit’s foot that Morgan now carries). That said, he’s given an incredible story line. A family man who masters the art of Aikido to bring him back from the same delirium Morgan suffers from. Nursing Morgan back took patience, balls, and a tremendous amount of faith. I respect that. But it’s when Eastman tells Morgan why he has a cell in the middle of his living room that really hits home. Like Morgan (and nearly everyone else), I thought Eastman lost his family to walkers. Nope. Much worse. Now, as much as I feel Eastman’s philosophy is sound, my smile was ear to ear when I saw Dallas’ name on the sign at the head of the graveyard.

The Walking Dead Season 6’s fourth episode is much like our walk with The Governor, back when he almost turned good. I was a huge fan of that arc, and I have to say I loved seeing Morgan’s story even more. Yes, even I was frustrated with Morgan’s actions in Alexandria when it came to not killing the Wolves, but at least now I understand why. Speaking of which, as the episode begins we see that this tale is being told to a prisoner, and by the way he’s talking, it’s easy to assume who. The ending confirms this suspicion, but damn, I would have cracked that dude’s skull in a heartbeat. The balls on this clown, but of course, the only reason he says what he says is because he now realizes Morgan won’t kill him. Yeah…about that, so Morgan has the Wolf scout locked in one of the houses in Alexandria. Sigh. It’s admirable of Morgan to try and change the Wolf, but some men can’t be redeemed. It worked for Morgan because, at heart, he was already a good person. This dude, I doubt it. Ten bucks says that doesn’t end well.

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK: Morgan gets that, but ironically it’s not for killing a walker. The first woods guy, the one he stabs through the throat, now that was nuts.

BLOOD AND GORE: There are quite a few walkers that come and go tonight, but the only gore is from poor Tabitha. She was such a sweet goat.

COOLEST SCENE: The end of Eastman. If anything, you have to hand it to this show when it comes to irony. The fact that it’s the second woods dude that ends up biting Eastman (who saves Morgan cause he’s freaking out), is just brilliant. It was a great scene, though I have to wonder why Morgan didn’t kill that guy’s brain after strangling him.



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