TV Review: The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 3)

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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EPISODE 3: Thank You

THE HOOK: Rick, Sasha, Daryl and Abraham continue to lead the herd away from Alexandria, as Glenn and Michonne try to get a small group of survivors back alive.

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don’t recommend reading this if you haven’t watched this episode

THE LOWDOWN: Well f*ck me, I did not see that coming. In the series’ humble beginnings, most people saw it as a show about surviving the onslaught of zombies (ie: Resident Evil). Sure, that’s at the heart of it, but it’s much more. It’s about our group of people fighting to remain ‘human’ at heart, during a zombie apocalypse full of danger on all fronts from both the dead and the living. That said, it’s been a while since zombies were a true threat for our crew. There’s always a few around, but most of the time they’re either manageable or avoidable. Not tonight. I’ll be completely honest with you, I expected Rick and the group to be ahead of them, not stuck in the middle. One thing I do know, is that the intensity was at an all-time high tonight as there was nowhere to run or hide.

I liked Rick’s speech at the beginning, it was cruel, but fair. I have no idea in hell how that one dude got his throat ripped out so quickly (I mean, seriously, where was he?), but that set the stage for how dire a situation they were all in. I did, however, groan to myself when one chick trips and twists her ankle, then another one freaks out and shoots his friend in the leg. Christ, they’re lucky Rick was already gone or he’d have just shot them all on the spot. Can’t say I’d blame him either, we should be above and beyond that kind of stupidity at this point. What’s even more surprising is, after everything that’s happened, some of them are still hating on Rick and his crew. Heath really pissed me off. Bitching and moaning like Michonne and Rick were out to get the Alexandrians. Thankfully, Michonne put his bitch ass in his place—what a magnificent episode for Michonne, emotionally, showing how far she’s come as a character. From wanting to help the one guy get back to his wife, to calming the group and leading as best she can. It was all good on the Michonne front.

Then there’s Nicholas. Dude was really starting to grow on me in a redemption sense. He was pulling his weight, and Glenn trusted him, which is saying a lot. What a sad irony that turned out to be. Glenn’s plan to fire up a building for cover was a good one, and as much as I wanted to see him go it alone, I was actually relieved when Nicholas offered to go with him. I didn’t see their end coming. That was the most powerful, heartstring rocking death this show has seen in a while…maybe ever. Glenn was with us from the beginning, I mean c’mon, he saved Rick’s life back at the tank. I thought he’d go this season or next, simply because of the fact that Negan is coming, and well, Negan kills him in the comics. Sure, the show doesn’t follow the comics to the letter, but I had a feeling Glenn would die. But damn, not like this, not because of some coward’s fear. I’m still in shock, Glenn’s death hurt, and it will no doubt have a tremendous ripple effect for our remaining characters.

The Walking Dead Season 6’s third episode will go down in TWD history as one of the saddest moments of the series, the night we lost Glenn. As for Rick’s plan, I was surprised that they were all so far away and didn’t get back to Alexandria. It’s all good, I just expecting a homecoming. I know some of the comic book fans out there were probably gasping when Rick cut his hand, but don’t worry folks, he won’t lose his hand like he did in the comics. To this day, it’s the one thing Robert Kirkman says he regrets doing. I was happy as hell to see Rick catch up with some of the stray Wolves though, he made short work of their asses (did he ever lose his mind when he saw the baby food), but killed the truck in the process. I’m not loving the fact that he’s now being surrounded by the herd, but Rick’s the man with the plan, so I know he’ll come out of it. Also, not sure what the point of Daryl going off on his own, then coming back to the car bit was all about. I get what was happening, but it felt like a waste of screen time. Solid episode, can’t wait to see what happens back at Alexandria.

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK: Michonne was downing walkers left, right and center. She did a three way beheading at one point, which I loved, so the kill of the day has to go to her for one of the many sword kills.

BLOOD AND GORE: There. Was. Lots. Everyone was getting ripped open and eaten tonight, it was a gore-fest to end all gore-fests.

COOLEST SCENE: The scene in question may not be ‘cool’ in the regular sense, but the setup and death of Glenn and Nicholas was extremely well done. It sucked damp ball sack, but it was very cool to watch.



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