Alien: Black, White & Blood – 4 issue anthology series coming from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics will be publishing the four issue Alien anthology series Alien: Black, White & Blood next year

When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, the rights to make comic books based on the Alien film franchise shifted from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel Comics. Now Marvel has announced that the next Alien title they’ll be releasing is a four-issue anthology series called Alien: Black, White & Blood – and the first issue of the series will be reaching store shelves on February 7th!

Alien: Black, White & Blood promises to deliver “four issues of unbridled violence with shocking stories crafted by some the industry’s hottest talents”. This “kill-fest of an anthology” is presented “in chest-rending artistic detail, brought to life in bold, black, white, red—and, when things get extra dangerous—GREEN!”

Here’s the info on what will be found in the first issue:

Superstars Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and brilliant artist Michael Dowling (BLACK CAT, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) kick off “Utopia,” a generations-spanning saga that will be told across all four issues! Soaring through space to find a perfect world, a society descends into darkness as they’re shaped by their fear of the Xenomorphs!

Fan-favorite writer Ryan Cady (WINTER GUARD) and Marvel newcomer Devmalya Pramanik explore the limits of compassion in “Maternal Instincts.” On a deep space vessel, a small child is the sole survivor of a Xenomorph slaughter and her only hope for salvation is the ship’s comforting and guiding AI computer unit.

Rising stars Stephanie Phillips (CAPWOLF & THE HOWLING COMMANDOS, COSMIC GHOST RIDER) and Marcelo Ferreira (MOON KNIGHT: CITY OF THE DEAD) deliver a tale of guts, glory and the most exhilarating of games in “The Hunt.” Xenomorphs become the main attraction when Weyland-Yutani gives wealthy thrill-seekers a chance to hunt down the galaxy’s deadliest species.

Are you an Alien fan whose enjoyment of the franchise extends to reading the comic books? Will you be collecting the Alien: Black, White & Blood anthology series? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

I think the only Alien comic book I’ve ever read was a DC crossover issue where Superman discovered the existence of the Xenomorphs. I should dig into more of them.

The franchise will be returning to screens big and small soon, as Fede Alvarez has made a new Alien movie and Noah Hawley has created an Alien TV series for Hulu.

Alien: Black, White & Blood
Source: Marvel

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