Amityville in Space trailer: the horror goes intergalactic this July!

Anyone can make a movie with Amityville in the title, a fact that indie filmmakers have really latched onto in recent years. That’s how we’ve got vampire, werewolf, killer scarecrow, and zombie movies with Amityville titles. There’s even a movie called The Amityville Vibrator. And now the horror is going intergalactic. Wild Eye Releasing has just unleashed the trailer for Amityville in Space, a movie they’ll be releasing in July 2022. You can check this trailer out for yourself in the embed above.

Directed by indie legend Mark Polonia, who has seventy directing credits on his IMDb page – where it notes that he’s currently in post-production on a movie called Sharkula… yes, it does appear to be about a vampire shark – Amityville in Space has a short and simple synopsis:

The ultimate battle against the Amityville curse begins after the infamous murder house is exorcised from Earth and reappears in outer space.

The film stars Titus Himmelberger, Cassandra Hayes, Tim Hatch, Ryan Dalton, and Jeff Kirkendall.

This was inevitable, wasn’t it? Any franchise worth its salt has to venture into space eventually. Jason, James Bond, Leprechaun, Dracula, Pinhead, the Fast and Furious folks, they’ve all gone to space. Of course the Amityville horror needed to escape from Earth at some point, too.

A poster for Amityville in Space can be seen below.

Polonia’s most well-known movie may still be 1987’s Splatter Farm. Some of his other credits include Lethal Nightmare, How to Slay a Vampire, Feeders, The House That Screamed, Holla If I Kill You, Peter Rottentail, Preylien: Alien Predators, HalloweeNight, Empire of the Apes, Revolt of the Empire of the Apes, Invasion of the Empire of the Apes, Chainsaw Killer, Sharkenstein, Land Shark, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind, Virus Shark, Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalypse, Bigfoot vs. Zombies, Jurassic Prey, Camp Blood: First Slaughter, Ghost of Camp Blood, Camp Blood Kills, Children of Camp Blood, Noah’s Shark, and Dune World. He’s no stranger to Amityville movies. He was also at the helm of Amityville Death House, Amityville Exorcism, and the shark-themed Amityville Island.

Amityville in Space

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