Cool Videos: Amazing Hell’s Club mashup featuring dozens of film characters

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There are a ton of mashup videos on YouTube, and while many aren't anything to write home about, this new one by Antonio Maria Da Silva of AMDS Films is by far the best mashup I've ever seen. The video is set in Hell's Club, which, according to Da Silva, is a place where all fictional characters meet, outside of time and outside of logic, and features dozens of movie characters, including Tom Cruise's Brian Flanagan (COCKTAIL) and Vincent (COLLATERAL), Darth Vader, Blade, The Terminator, Tony Montana, Pinhead, and the Butabi Brothers from A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY.

This is one heck of an editing job by Da Silva, especially since the video actually has a narrative. If you've got ten minutes to kill, I highly recommend you check out Hell's Club.

Source: YouTube

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