Cool Videos: Superman III goes horror

Last Updated on August 5, 2021


SUPERMAN III is a scary movie.

Come on… the Man of Steel fights himself in a duel to the death. He gets shit-faced and starts turning nasty due to his bender. There’s body horror where an older woman becomes a cyborg of sorts. As a little kid, that can be terrifying.

But what if, as an adult, SUPERMAN III was able to run a chill down your spine?

OnePerfectShot takes their best shot at making that happen, recutting a trailer for SUPERMAN III as a modern horror film. I will admit they surprised me with how well they were able to pull off the way horror flicks are sold these days to the masses, and, if Clark Kent went this dark, I would at least give it a look primarily out of curiosity. I’m just saying… If you’re going to make Superman bad, why not go all the way?

Source: OnePerfectShot

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