Courteney Cox recreates iconic “Dancing in the Dark” video on TikTok

Courteney Cox recreated part of her famous “Dancing in the Dark” music video she filmed with Bruce Springsteen 40 years ago.

Last Updated on June 13, 2024

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox may have changed her clothes, her hair, her face, but she can still rock her “Dancing in the Dark” moves. In a recent TikTok video, Cox demonstrated that she’s still got it even 40 years after the Bruce Springsteen video was released.

As part of the 80s Dance Challenge trend on social media, Courteney Cox started her video off with some less-than-hip moves before launching into her immediately famous “Dancing in the Dark” routine, complete with the same top she wore in the music video. Unfortunately, we only see Cox doing it for about three seconds before it then cuts to the actual video, which was released as part of the promotion of Bruce’s 1984 Born in the USA album.

Courteney Cox’s first notable work was actually the “Dancing in the Dark” video, capturing immediate attention and serving as an ever-present highlight clip on those “Before They Were Stars” reels. What some may not know is that the video – which was shot partly on the first night of the Born in the USA Tour – was directed by Brian De Palma. So, being pulled on stage by one of the greatest musicians ever while being directed by an icon of the New Hollywood? Not a bad start, Courteney! Who knows, considering Bruce still pulls girls onto the stage during that song when performing it live, there could be another star in the making during this tour.

“Dancing in the Dark” hit #2 on the Billboard charts, making it The Boss’ biggest hit of his career…in which he has still yet to earn a #1 song in the States. Born in the USA also stands as his best-selling album with 30 million copies sold, no doubt in part to a whopping seven singles, also including “Glory Days”, “I’m on Fire” and the title track.

Interestingly, despite wanting to get her career going (having appeared on an episode of As the World Turns that same year), Courteney Cox didn’t want to take the part. “I don’t not want to be the one to have to go. I didn’t want to dance in front of 30,000 people. It was a full concert, and we did the song twice, back to back.”

Bruce Springsteen will be the subject of a biopic starring Jeremy Allen White.

Source: TikTok

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