Deathstalker remake coming from Psycho Goreman director Steven Kostanski

Steven Kostanski (Leprechaun Returns, Psycho Goreman) will be directing a Deathstalker remake with Daniel Bernhardt in the lead

Back in 1983, legendary producer Roger Corman brought the world a sword and sorcery film with an awesome title: Deathstalker. It was so successful, it paved the way for three sequels: Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans (1987), Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (1988), and Deathstalker IV: Match of the Titans (1991). The franchise has been dormant for over thirty years… but it won’t be for much longer. A press release reveals that filmmaker Steven Kostanski – whose previous credits include Manborg, Father’s Day, The Void, Leprechaun Returns, Psycho Goreman, and episodes of the short-lived Day of the Dead TV series – is set to write and direct a Deathstalker remake, with Daniel Bernhardt (John Wick) on board to play the title character!

A newly reimagined installment of the cult sword and sorcery series of the same name,” the Deathstalker remake will see Bernhardt taking on the role of a barbarian who finds himself cursed by a magical talisman that draws him into conflict with a malevolent wizard and a clan of monstrous assassins.

Konstanski had this to say: “The Deathstalker universe is such a fun sandbox to play in. Every installment has played so fast and loose with its lore, which means that there’s no limit to my imagination when it comes to what I can pit Deathstalker against.

Bernhardt added, “I am thrilled to be working with Steven. I love this genre, and what Steven has been making in his creature shop is mind-blowing. I am so excited to do battle as a Deathstalker who is more of a grizzled war veteran in this story.

The Deathstalker remake is expected to start filming in late April. The press release notes that this take on the concept will put a greater emphasis on the fantasy setting, which will be filled with monsters brought to the screen through practical effects. Kostanski’s Action Pants FX shop is creating those monsters, and you can get a preview of them at Bloody Disgusting. A Kickstarter campaign will be launching soon to raise funds to make sure the monsters will be as cool as possible.

In addition to this film, there’s also going to be a Deathstalker comic book series from Vault Comics. Kostanski is on the comic’s creative team with writer Tim Seeley, artist Jim Terry, and Slash of Guns N’ Roses.

The Deathstalker remake is coming our way from Hangar 18 Media. Pasha Patriki, Avi Federgreen, and Michael Pazst are producing the film, with Slash and Rodrigo Gudiño of Berserkergang Films serving as executive producers alongside Andrew Thomas Hunt, James Fler, Josh Viola, and Peter Kuplowsky. Scott Weatherall is an associate producer and Melissa A. Smith a co-producer. Raven Banner will be handling international sales and Canadian distribution.

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If you haven’t seen the original Deathstalker, it’s probably going to be airing as part of the Shudder / AMC+ special The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs: A Tribute to Roger Corman on March 15th.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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