Demigod trailer: October release for Rachel Nichols horror film

Last year, we heard that genre regular Rachel Nichols (P2, The Woods, the Amityville Horror remake, Pandemic, Raze, the remake of Inside, etc.) had signed on to star in Demigod, the new horror film from Miles Doleac, writer/director of The Dinner Party (watch it HERE). With Gravitas Ventures set to give Demigod a theatrical and VOD release on October 15th, a trailer for it has arrived online and can be seen in the embed above.

Described as a “macabre riff on the Cernunnos myth”, the film centers on Nichols’ character Robin,

who travels with her husband Leo to Germany’s Black Forest upon the death of her huntsman grandfather. Soon after arriving at his secluded cabin, Robin realizes the inheritance left her is far more macabre than she had bargained for. She finds herself entrenched in an ancient hunting ritual that will force her to reckon with her family’s past and her own will to overcome the monstrous obstacles in her path.

Nichols is joined in the cast by Yohance Myles, Jeremy London, Lindsay Anne Williams, Sherri Eakin, Alli Hart, Tatiana Piper, Sarah Fisher, Mike Mayhall, Chima Chekwa, Rachel Ryals, Christian Stokes, Elena Sanchez, Jeremy Sande, and Doleac himself.

If you’re not familiar with Cernunnos,

In Gallo-Roman religion, Cernunnos was a deity depicted with antlers, seated cross-legged, and is associated with stags, horned serpents, dogs, bulls, and rats. He is usually holding or wearing a torc and has been seen holding a bag of coins (or grain) and a cornucopia.

Doleac wrote the screenplay with Michael Donovan Horn and produced Demigod with James V. Bulian, Lindsay Anne Williams, and Wesley O’Mary.

Just the fact that the film stars Rachel Nichols is enough to convince me to give it a chance when it’s released next month. Check out the trailer and see if Demigod looks like something you’d like to watch.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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