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Last Updated on August 5, 2021

The Mega Shark, a relic from the age of dinosaurs that is again prowling the seas of the modern world, made a big splash in its debut film, 2009's MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS, dropping jaws and blowing minds with a famous moment in which the massive fish burst out of the ocean with such force that it gained enough air to snatch a commercial airliner out of the sky. That moment alone may have been what made the first MEGA SHARK movie successful enough to spawn a franchise. MEGA SHARK VS. CROCOSAURUS followed in 2010 and MEGA SHARK VS. MECHA SHARK in 2014.

Now The Asylum is bringing back the greatest warrior of our time for MEGA SHARK VS. KOLOSSUS.

Coming from the VS. CROCOSAURUS team of director Christopher Ray (son of B-movie master Fred Olen Ray) and writer Micho Rutare, the set-up for the VS. KOLOSSUS match goes like this –

In search of a new energy source, Russia accidentally reawakens the Kolossus – a giant robot doomsday device from the Cold War. At the same time, a new Mega Shark appears, threatening global security. Now the world must figure out how to stop the deadly giants before they destroy everything on land AND sea.

In addition to its titular opponents, the shark has previously found itself on the bad side of such stars of yesteryear as Debbie Gibson and Jaleel White. Following suit, VS. KOLOSSUS features Ernest Lee Thomas, best known for playing Raj on the '70s and '80s sitcoms WHAT'S HAPPENING!! and WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW!

The cast also includes Amy Rider, Brody Hutzler, the girls of Team Unicorn, and is headlined by Illeana Douglas, making this credit a bit of an anomaly on her filmography.

These types of movies are pure dumb, ridiculous fun. They're awful, and yet I can't help myself, I end up watching each one that comes out. VS. KOLOSSUS is set to hit DVD and VOD on July 7 before airing on Syfy later in the month as part of their "SHARKNADO Week" line-up. I'll be watching this one, too.

To tide us over until July, here's the domestic trailer:

Source: AITH

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