Divinity red band trailer: Steven Soderbergh-produced sci-fi thriller gets nationwide release

The Eddie Alcazar-directed, Steven Soderbergh-produced sci-fi thriller Divinity gets a red band trailer and nationwide release

The sci-fi thriller Divinity, written and directed by Eddie Alcazar (Perfect) and produced by Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Eleven), is set to receive a nationwide theatrical release in the United States this Friday, November 3rd – and in anticipation of this release, a red band trailer for the film has arrived online. Check it out in the embed above and see if this looks like a movie you’d like to see on the big screen.

Divinity is described as an “experimental film” that is set in an otherworldly human existence, where the creation of a groundbreaking immortality serum named Divinity is wreaking havoc. Jaxxon Pierce, the creator’s son, now controls and manufactures his father’s once-benevolent dream, and society on the barren planet has been entirely perverted by the supremacy of the drug. However, when two mysterious brothers arrive with a plan to abduct the mogul with the help of a seductive woman named Nikita, everyone will be set on a path hurtling toward true immortality.

The film stars Scott Bakula, Stephen Dorff, Moises Arias, Jason Genao, Karrueche Tran, and Bella Thorne.

Divinity is being released by Utopia and Sumerian. The company provided the following statement: “Our worlds collided when falling in love with Eddie’s film and vision for Divinity. The film represents a cultural crossroads of film, music, fashion and art. We believe that this partnership represents the beginning of a new era where stories can live on screen and off the screen by blurring the lines between a film itself and the integral components that compose a film’s DNA.

Alcazar added: “I’m grateful to work with such forward thinking distributors like Utopia and Sumerian. I believe more audiences are looking to re-appreciate the art of film these days and having a company like Utopia/Sumerian support unique cinematic visions and take them to the big screen is a dream come true.

Soderbergh had this to say: “This is the best possible outcome imaginable and I’m very impressed and excited by how Utopia/Sumerian approached this deal. It all happened quickly and they have a bold, clear vision of how to get Divinity in front of a worldwide audience. The future starts now!

And Sumerian founder Ash Avildsen said, “Divinity is a potent and timely avant-garde film that explores the human psyche around immortality, desire and fertility. The dystopian world Eddie Alcazar brings us into feels all too familiar with life today and I believe Divinity is a must see for the current generation.

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