Dwayne Johnson lays the smackdown on cancel culture

Dwayne Johnson has had enough of the culture of wokeness, saying there’s nothing wrong with upsetting people if it means being true.

Last Updated on April 9, 2024

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has dropped the People’s Elbow on cancel culture, suggesting it has only served to rob people of their creativity and ingenuity.

In a sitdown with Fox News (via Variety), Dwayne Johnson made his point about wokeness in America, saying, “Today’s cancel culture, woke culture, division, etc — that really bugs me…In the spirit of that, you either succumb to that and be what other people want you to be, or you be yourself and be real … and that might make people upset and piss people off, and that’s OK.” Johnson might have a point here, as we have seen cancel culture do its part to claim not just those who deserve to be canceled but also those who maybe said something that sensitive parties found offensive, thus launching a campaign to ruin their careers. From this, there is a certain level of tiptoeing in the arts to not “piss people off”, thus stifling creativity.

Dwayne Johnson himself hasn’t been afraid to piss anybody off as of late, steering the WWE in a new direction and helping blur the line between reality and kayfabe. Johnson generated not only hype but some controversy over his return when it seemed as if he would be facing Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania XL, despite Cody Rhodes having won the Royal Rumble and thus a rightful shot at Reign’s title. After some apparent shifting of storylines – and bloodlines – the changeup has resulted in not only a unique return for The Rock, but some of the best storytelling the WWE has had in years.

Instead, Dwayne Johnson will return to the squared circle this weekend for night one of Wrestlemania XL in Philadelphia, a huge moment considering he hasn’t had a match since Wrestlemania 32 (if you even want to include it on the list, since it was a six-second squash; and before that his last Mania match was at 29). The night one main event will see him – under his in-ring name The Rock – teaming up with Reigns to take on Rhodes and Seth “Freakin” Rollins, with the outcome determining the stipulation for night two’s main event between Reigns and Rhodes.

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Source: Variety

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