Femalien: Cosmic Crush trailer teases erotic sci-fi adventure

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Decades after releasing two Femalien movies through their erotica label Surrender Cinema, Full Moon Features are back in the Femalien business with director Lindsey Schmitz's Femalien: Cosmic Crush. Femalien: Cosmic Crush will be getting a two-part release through the Full Moon Features streaming service starting on December 11th, and in anticipation of that release we've gotten our hands on the film's trailer. Check it out in the embed above!

Produced by Full Moon founder Charles Band, the film is described as "sexy sci-fi meets classic comic book fantasy, with a dash of retro pulp!" 

Kira Noir, Denise Milfort, Jillian Janson, and Paris White star in this 

sexy and imaginative romp that tells the tale of a deep-space Archaeological expedition that unearths an ancient beast on a distant moon. It's up to the Alterians – hedonistic heroes of here and beyond – to put a stop to the tentacled terror. But when the Professor and all of her students become mentally dominated by the Pod Queen and are turned into her willing slaves, the situation gets sticky, and sweaty… and very sexy! 

Will the Alterians pacify the parasitic plot or will they succumb to the Pod’s cosmic crush? Strap in for the swingin’est space opera in seven systems!

Full Moon is aiming to "turn up the heat" by releasing this movie in the middle of December, so give the trailer a look and see if you'd like to watch Femalien: Cosmic Crush later this month.

Femalien: Cosmic Crush Lindsey Schmitz Jillian JansonFemalien: Cosmic Crush Lindsey Schmitz Jillian Janson



Source: Arrow in the Head

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