Gary Sinise’s musician son, Mac, tragically dies from rare cancer

Mac Sinise, son of the Academy Award-nominated actor Gary Sinise, passed away after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

Gary Sinise

McCanna Sinise – better known to those closest to him as “Mac” –  the son of actor Gary Sinise, has passed away after a battle with Chordoma cancer. He was 33 years old.

In a lengthy statement posted on the official Gary Sinise Foundation website, the actor wrote of his son, “In sharing our story, we hope to shine a little bit of light on what has been a difficult time for us as Mac was truly a light for all of us. An incredible inspiration to those who knew and loved him, he faced his battle with grace, courage, and love. Even with one setback after another, he never stopped living and learning, creating, and giving, and loving.”

Gary Sinise added that Mac was an avid fan of playing the drums, sitting in for his dad’s Lt. Dan Band, Gary Sinise’s band named after his Forrest Gump character and which leans on playing USO shows. He, too, sought to complete an album titled Resurrection & Revival.

Chordoma cancer is an extremely rare form that only 300 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with every year, according to WebMD. It centers around bones around the spine and skull. Mac Sinise was diagnosed back in 2018 and passed away in January. Through the years, Mac underwent numerous procedures, although the spread of the cancer proved to be too much.

To close his touching tribute to his son, Sinise wrote, “He gave his family and friends so much during his 33 years, and he accomplished great things in those final months. With a glorious teaming of two old pals from college, his vision for this beautiful music was realized…Mac’s inspiring parting gift to us….Thank you, Mac. You did it. Resurrection & Revival will live on. And so will you. In our hearts forever. We were blessed to have you in our lives as son, brother, and friend…and we will miss you and love you for eternity.”

Support for Gary Sinise has been expectedly overwhelming, with fans, collaborators and those within the industry offering their words. You can leave your own in the comments section below.

Source: Gary Sinise Foundation

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