A Bruce Campbell reality show is looking for horror fans

For three seasons, TBS was home to a reality competition show called King of the Nerds, in which a group of people with expertise on various "nerdy" subjects would live together in a mansion called Nerdvana while playing games that would eventually whittle the group down to one winner, who would receive $100,000 and be crowned King of the Nerds (regardless of their gender).

Hosted by REVENGE OF THE NERDS stars Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, King of the Nerds was a really fun show and I'm still disappointed that it didn't continue on beyond three seasons.

However, as reported back in September of 2015, the show's executive producers are keeping the basic concept alive with a horror-centric show to be hosted by Bruce Campbell. At the time tentatively titled Bruce Campbell's Horrified, the show was said to be envisioned as "a celebration of horror fans through a comedic and irreverent lens". And who better to host such a show than Campbell?

We haven't heard anything further about the show in over a year. At the time, it was looking for a network to call home... And if a recent casting call is any indication, it looks like the show must have found a network and is now moving forward.

Pitman Casting, which specializes in the casting of reality television shows, is now accepting applications for a  "Horror House" show that is being made by "a major cable network in conjunction with Bruce Campbell", and they're looking for dedicated horror fans.

From their site: 

Do you work, eat, sleep, and breathe all things horror? Would you like to see your nightmares become a reality?

Are you a Horror Cosplay Queen? Are you a Master of Macabre in Make-up? Maybe you run a haunt, or own a huge horror memorabilia collection. Maybe you have directed a bunch of monster movies or write a horror film blog. Whatever your passion, if you are a Horror Fanatic and have the credentials to back it up... WE WANT TO MEET YOU!

If you love horror, everything considered creepy crawly and wouldn't be scared to spend a night in a haunted mansion or cursed woods, this project is for you!

Tell us all about yourself and why you love everything dark and gory!

Applications for the show must be received by February 1, 2017, and filming is expected to take place from July to August.

While they're being a little secretive about what the project is, I can't imagine that this could be anything other than Bruce Campbell's Horrified, or whatever the title ends up being. It's great to see that this is going to be happening soon - and here's hoping that some Arrow in the Head readers will make it into the cast!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be applying?
Source: Pitman Casting



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