A Cure for Wellness hits Blu-ray & DVD this June

The new Gore Verbinski horror flick A CURE FOR WELLNESS is a film I was really looking forward to seeing in the theater. Verbinski's THE RING is one of the most visually stunning horror films of all time and the thought of the man returning to our genre was a reason to get excited.

Then I never actually went to the theater.

I know, I know, we should be out there supporting original R-rated horror, but don't give me too much shite, you didn't go either. But, whatever, all is good as we can make up for our laziness/busyness this June as A CURE FOR WELLNESS will finally be hitting Blu-ray and DVD June 6th.

Also, if you're that kind of cat you will be able to snag the Digital HD version on May 30th. Until then you can check out Eric Walkuski's review of the flick RIGHT HERE.

A CURE FOR WELLNESS Blu-ray synopsis:

From the director of The Ring comes this psychological thriller and “fantastically creepy experience” (Kyle Smith, New York Post) about an ambitious young executive sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from a remote and mysterious “wellness center.”  When he begins to unravel the retreat’s terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests there longing for the cure.
Featuring hauntingly mesmerizing performances from Dane DeHaan (Chronicle), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter films) and Mia Goth (Everest), the Blu-ray and DVD includes a deleted sequence, a behind-the-scenes look at the scoring of the film and individual meditations from the wellness center.

Digital HD, Blu-ray & DVD Special Features Include

Deleted Sequence: “It’s Wonderful Here”

- Water Is the Cure
- Air Is the Cure
- Earth Is the Cure

The Score

- Theatrical Trailer
- Red Band Trailer
- International Trailer

I'm looking over the film's cover box right now and I swear it looks like this is some kind of horror Harry Potter film about a cold girl who lives in that magical lake... That's the same castle, right?

A CURE FOR WELLNESS hits Digital HD May 30th and Blu-ray & DVD June 6, 2017



Mia Goth

Extra Tidbit: A CURE FOR WELLNESS is rated-R for "disturbing violent content and images, sexual content including an assault, graphic nudity, and language."
Source: AITH



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