Afflicted Blu-ray details and release date

Derek Lee and Clif Prowse's AFFLICTED hit VOD a while ago, and is still available to WATCH HERE, but now it’s headed straight for its Blu-ray release and we’ve got all the goods right here! The award-winning, critically acclaimed horror thriller AFFLICTED spreads terror on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital July 1, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. You can pre-order your own copy of the flick right HERE.

Here's what it's about:

This terrifying horror thriller follows two best friends who set out on the trip of a lifetime around the world. Their journey, documented every step of the way, soon takes a dark and unexpected turn after an encounter with a beautiful woman in Paris leaves one of them mysteriously afflicted. Winner: Best Picture (Horror), Best Screenplay (Horror), Best Director (Horror) at Fantastic Fest, and recipient of awards of recognition from the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. AFFLICTED is one of the most suspenseful and original action horror debuts in a generation.

Bonus features on both the Blu-ray and DVD include never-before-seen deleted scenes, as well as two fascinating featurettes. “Afflicted: Behind the Scenes” takes fans on set for an inside look at the making of this new found-footage horror favorite, and “Anatomy of a Scene: The Window Jump” features filmmakers on how they utilized a creative mix of practical stunt work and visual effects to pull off one of the film’s more jaw-dropping action sequences.

Special Features:

  • Afflicted: Behind the Scenes
  • Anatomy of a Scene: The Window Jump
  • Deleted Scenes

Extra Tidbit: Will you be snatching this one up on Blu-ray/DVD?



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