African zombie flick The Dead gets sequel The Dead 2, details, photo & teaser here

One flick that's seems as hard a chore to track down as it apparently was to make, the African-set zombie flick THE DEAD, is already getting a sequel treatment. THE DEAD 2 as it's currently called, is slated for production in February-March of 2013. Peep the first photos, details and teaser trailer for the flick below!

Speaking with Ppsf.co.uk, the brothers Ford had this to say about THE DEAD 2:

“We have been receiving so much enthusiasm and demand for a sequel we owe it to the fans of ‘The Dead 1′ to deliver something that goes way beyond what we could achieve first time around and the starting point was to find the most stunning and varied landscapes where we have not seen the dead walk before! This teaser trailer is just to give people a little flavour of where we’re heading and to find out if the fans are behind it.” (Howard Ford)

Jacob Ford continued with:

“We want part two to do something few sequels can rarely achieve by surpassing the first film in every way! We want to give the fans unique and stunning locations, more intense story and action, while maintaining the emotional heart that runs through the whole film. It’s still a journey movie which will have a controversial edge and a lot more scares!”

All pretty killer sounding to us. What says you?

Extra Tidbit: Did you see THE DEAD?
Source: PPSF.co.uk



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