Anchor Bay to release Martyrs remake on unsuspecting public

The French extremist horror film MARTYRS has captured the sick imaginations of hardcore audiences worldwide, but the real intrigue begins at home. When the news broke in February that an American remake of MARTYRS was being produced by Blumhouse and The Safran Company, fans were surprised to hear that the flick had already finished filming under the radar.

We were all left to speculate on just how this film could have possibly been slipped past us, and how in the hell that bloody, unforgettable film could possibly be repackaged for an American audience. For a definitive answer to that question, we'll have to turn to Anchor Bay. The company (which has also put out the EVIL DEAD trilogy, HALLOWEEN, and a whole heap of Argento classics on DVD) just picked up MARTYRS for a theatrical and VOD release, though there's no official date announced yet.

Once again, we're left to wait on tenterhooks for this strange, inexplicable film to come into our lives, but this new information gives us hope that it'll soon see the light of day.

Ten-year-old Lucie flees from the isolated warehouse where she has been held prisoner. Deeply traumatized, she is plagued by awful night terrors at the orphanage that takes her in. Her only comfort comes from Anna, a girl her own age. Nearly a decade later and still haunted by demons, Lucie finally tracks down the family that tortured her. As she and Anna move closer to the agonizing truth, they find themselves trapped in a nightmare – if they cannot escape, a martyr’s fate awaits them…

MARTYRS was directed by Kevin and Michael Goetz and stars Bailey Noble (True Blood), Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars), Kate Burton, and Blake Robbins.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the original Martyrs?



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