Anne Hathaway to fight off an alien invasion in The Shower

Anne Hathaway is currently attached to produce and star in a film called THE SHOWER. It will certainly be a disappointment to many that she doesn't actually take a shower in the movie, but hear me out. In the sci-fi comedy flick, which is being pitched as a cross between BRIDESMAIDS and ATTACK THE BLOCK:

The story begins with a bright baby shower when the guests find themselves under darker skies: a meteor shower. These meteors, however, turn men into blood-hungry aliens and the women must fight to not only save themselves but also the world.

The script was written by Jac Schaeffer, whose previous film TiMER (starring Buffy's Emma Caulfield) is a sinfully underappreciated high concept indie rom-com. The film is currently without a director or a supporting cast, but evil aliens, laughs, and Hathaway? This could be the new millennium's answer to NIGHT OF THE COMET. Count me in! More on this story as it breaks.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Anne Hathaway flick?



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