Australia-based Ampco Films snatch up the rights for Michael Scott's The Alchemyst

To be completely honest I'm not sure how much this next project will touch upon our beloved genre but it involves eternal life and destroying the world so I'd say there's a pretty decent chance it'll fit right in.

I'm talking about THE ALCHEMYST, which is one of the entries in Michael Scott's six-book Random House series THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL. Here's the rundown for THE ALCHEMYST:

"The Alchemyst" centers on 14th century French alchemist Nicholas Flamel. Records show he died in 1418, but some believe he discovered eternal life and is still alive -- the story focuses on efforts to prevent his secret from falling into the wrong hands, because it would destroy the world.

Scott will be adapting his own novel for the screen as well as serving as executive producer on the project. Mario Andreacchio and Konstantin Thoeren of the Australia-based Ampco Films will be producing with Stefan Brunner and Barry Krost executive producing. Lawless Entertainment's CEO Cathy Malatesta will co-executive produce.

Production on THE ALCHEMYST is set to kick-off this February in Australia and New Zealand so we should have more updates on this little diddy as we spill into the new year.

HARRY POTTER's Emma Watson
Extra Tidbit: Flamel, an actual French alchemist born in 1330, was included in HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE, the first film and book in the series.
Source: Variety



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