Bad Robot snags mysterious high school thriller pitch

Producer J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company have been keeping the genre output flowing as of late. Abrams' Bad Robot has the R-rated zombie-Nazi flick OVERLORD hitting this month, Hulu's Stephen King series CASTLE ROCK hit earlier this year, and Bad Robot announced just yesterday that it's upcoming thriller LOU had snagged Academy Award winner Allison Janney.

And today we already have word on Bad Robot's next horror-thriller in the works. The project is currently untitled (because of course, it is) and there is (obviously) little known about the film, other than the fact that Bad Robot snatched up a feature pitch from writer Ed Hemming (THE CROWN) following a competitive auction. Here's a slight synopsis:

A high school-set thriller in the present day with a socially relevant twist. 

Okay, that gives us a lot to go on, Bad Robot. "A high school-set thriller in the present day with a socially relevant twist"? Thanks anyhow. All the same, one interesting bit included in the recent Deadline article was that the project was pitched as a TV or film project but Bad Robot is positioning it as a movie. Interesting... Of course, I can't help but be that guy that says this is obviously CLOVERFIELD HIGH, but I'm joking. Or am I...

What do you think of this secret new Bad Robot High School Thriller? Do you think that there is really any chance in hell that it is somehow going to be shoehorned into the CLOVERFIELD series, which currently features, the original film, 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, and the recent Netflix bore-fest THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX? Let us know below!

This banner makes it look cool.


Source: Deadline



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