Blumhouse will be celebrating Sean Tretta's Devil's Night

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The celebration of Halloween has gotten pretty played out in horror filmmaking. It's only natural that those who celebrate the darker side of life would gravitate toward All Hallow's Eve, but John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN and its endless deluge of imitators have pretty well exhausted what the holiday has to offer.

But why not work backwards? What about the day before Halloween? The "holiday," typically known as Devil's Night or Mischief Night, is a day where local youth lets loose and gets into trouble. In the 80's this was taken too far, leading to a rash of arson and vandalism in inner city areas. That concept is where Blumhouse will be taking their next horror flick, entitled DEVIL'S NIGHT.

The film, produced by Jason Blum and Bobbi Sue Luther, is being developed from a script by Sean Tretta (12 Monkeys). There's no word on what exactly the plot will entail, but it feels like a natural continuation of the amoral criminal antics of the company's popular PURGE series, which is getting its third and possibly final entry, THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR on July 1st.

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