Breath of Hate hotties

Ah, sexy b-movie hotties. Where would us genre fans be without ’em?! Today, I am happy to report that a nice selection of such “softcore-style” lovelies has been added to the cast of the indie BREATH OF HATE, which already stars genre legend, Ezra Buzzington. The new ladies come in the shapely forms of Monique Parent (right), Elske McCain (below), and Trista Robinson. Yowza! This BREATH sure is beginning to feel pretty hot and heavy! Oh yeah, Ricardo Gray was also added to the cast, but he’s a dude and I decided to focus mainly on the babes. I hope you can understand.

The flick, directed by Sean Cain (SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT) and written by Wes Laurie, really sounds like a load of kinky fun. Wrap your peepers around the plot to see what I mean:

One last job and Love is out of the erotic escort business. Unfortunately, that final job is for a trio of escaped mental patients who define torture a high art and want to turn Love into their latest masterpiece.

I definitely like so far. Ms. McCain will be playing a sultry escort named "Hailey" which sits very well with me too! Filming is set to begin late this summer for ArsonCuff Entertainment and Velvet Hammer Films.

Extra Tidbit: The escort business clearly can be a very dangerous one.
Source: AITH



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