Catherine hardwice out, Wes Ball in for dystopian thriller The Maze Runner

Getting pretty damn sick of the prepubescent sci-fi tales, but okay, on we move from one to another...

Way the hell back in January of 2011, word hit that Catherine Hardwicke was set to usher in THE MAZE RUNNER for Fox. Well, scrap that shite, Wes Ball is now the man for the job. He'll direct on the strength of his sci-fi short RUIN that gained internet notoriety. Good for him.

Adapted from James Dashner's novel by Noah Oppenheim: THE MAZE RUNNER concerns:

Thomas, who wakes up to find himself in a square elevator which brings him up to the top. He is greeted by a group of boys who pull him out into their surroundings. Thomas learns that all these boys live in a place called the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by tall, stone walls with four massive doors in the center of each wall. These doors close each night to protect them from the monsters that live beyond the Glade's walls. The monsters live in a place called the Maze which surrounds the walls around the Glade. These monsters are called Grievers which sting the Gladers if they can. The Gladers then undergo the Changing, a painful process which people can survive if given the serum in time, and come out with side effects.

Next comes casting and a production date. Stay up...

Extra Tidbit: Was RUIN really all that?
Source: Deadline



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