Charles Manson sings over the trailer for The Haunting of Sharon Tate

The Haunting of Sharon Tate Hilary Duff Daniel Farrands

The decision to build a supernatural horror film around the final days in the life of actress Sharon Tate before she was murdered by members of the "family" led by Charles Manson in 1969 was a questionable one to begin with, and writer/director Daniel Farrands' THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE has been called out for being in bad taste by a lot of people, including Tate's sister Debra. Farrands has defended his film and said it was inspired by an interview Tate gave that implied she had premonitions of her own murder.

Obviously those premonitions didn't help her avoid her fate, so I still don't see much reason to make a movie about them.

Those who find THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE to be a tasteless concept aren't likely to be won over by the recently released trailer, which features actual crime scene pictures and audio of Charles Manson himself singing about a "pretty girl... pretty, pretty girl." (The song is one Manson sold to the Beach Boys, who recorded it as "Never Learn Not to Love" in '68.)

The film stars Hilary Duff as Sharon Tate. The story 

takes a look at the last days leading up to Sharon Tate's death from her point of view. The plot is inspired by an actual quote from Tate, from an interview published a year before her death, wherein she reveals having dreams about ghosts haunting her house and foreseeing her own death at the hands of a satanic cult. 

Jonathan Bennett, Lydia Hearst, Pawel Szajda, Fivel Stewart, Tyler Johnson, Bella Popa, Ryan Cargill, and Ben Mellish are also in the cast.

The U.S. distribution rights are in the hands of Saban Films.

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