Charlize Theron to rock one arm in Mad Max: Fury Road?

Even with one arm, I'd still marry the broad...

Details regarding George Miller's 4th MAD MAX film, FURY ROAD, have been kept under pretty firm lock and key up to this point. All we know about the project is its principal cast, which skews younger to usher in a new generation of fans. And with a recent start-date delay, we thought it would be a lot later than sooner we get some kind of update on the matter. Well folks, ABC Australia may have nabbed one...

According to the network, Charlize Theron (pictured) will play a character who is missing at least a portion of one of her arms. The news comes from one Annabelle Williams, who will play Theron's stunt double in a pivotal scene...disabling Miller's need to digitally erase Theron's luscious limb:

"They are going to film me from a very long distance for the fighting so that they don't have to CGI out her arm," says Williams.

Sounds pretty badass to me. Like a female Plissken, only missing an arm instead of an eye. And it can't be too surprising to many, Charlize has a strong track record of "uglying" herself up in pictures. It'd be pretty rad if her arm was unbearably disgusting to look at (bloody, dirty, etc.), while the rest of her body resembled the off-screen Charlize we know and love. That'd be a good look, right?

Due sometime in 2012, FURY ROAD also stars Tom Hardy (as Max), Zoe Kravitz, Nicholas Hoult, Adelaide Clemens, Riley Keough and a rumored Teresa Palmer.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite MAD MAX film in the series? I'm all over ROAD WARRIOR.
Source: ABC Australia



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