Check out these first images for the indie horror flick The Harrowing

THE HARROWING is the newest film from Highland Myst Entertainment and Wolfclan Productions directed by Jon Keeyes (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE). This demonic, horror-thriller is currently shooting on location in Dallas, Texas and stars Matthew Tompkins as Detective Calhoun, veteran horror actress Debbie Rochon as the schizophrenic, necrophiliac Ella, Damon Carney as Detective Jack Myers, Michael Crabtree as Lt. Logan, Robert McCollum as Detective Greenbaum, and Ambre Lowe as Calhoun's wife, Anne. Further casting announcements are coming soon including the addition of a Horror Icon to play the head of the forensic hospital, the possibly villainous Dr. Whitney.

THE HARROWING follows fallen-from-grace Vice Detective Ryan Calhoun. After a routine surveillance goes horribly wrong, Calhoun is accused of the ritualistic murder of his best friend and partner, a prostitute, and a corrupt Congressmen. Unhinged and tormented by demonic dreams, and bent on discovering the truth, Calhoun is admitted to a forensic hospital for observation where, his sanity slowly sipping away, he begins to uncover the darkest, most terrifying truth imaginable.

It definitely has that JACOB'S LADDER vibe going on and if these first couple of pics are any indication as to what we might expect, it looks like there will be plenty of blood for the whole family to enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the first pics so far?
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