Children's TV director spirals into insanity in new psychological thriller Wichita

I love myself a good psychological thriller about someone slowly losing their sanity. Hell it's my favorite kind of psychological thriller! So when the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting dropped word on a new psychological romp heading our way... well I just couldn't help but tell you about it!

The flick in question is something called WICHITA and has Matthew Ward behind the camera. With a cast that includes Suzy Kaye, Michael Villar, Tyler Garnett and Kevin Flood, WICHITA's rundown reads a little something like this:

The film is a psychological horror film about a group of children’s TV writers cooped up in a house in Aspen and their directors creeping descent to insanity.

Pretty cool, right? Well the guys over at BD also got their hands on a nifty little WICHITA sales trailer for your viewing pleasure. I've gone and tossed that shite up below so get scrolling and check it out. Plans are to shoot this thing this October in Aspen, Colorado.

Now that's all we've got on WICHITA right now but I'd say it's definitely enough to catch your interest. Heck this schmuck is already sold! How about you? Spit some bullets below and let us know what you think of WICHITA as we wait for more updates to roll our way.

ZOMBIELAND's 'Wichita' - Emma Stone

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite dive-into-insanity flick?



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