Chloe Sevigny & Natasha Lyonne to topline Danny Perez's Antibirth

Just last week we brought you word that "Those Who Kill" star Chloe Sevigny would be returning to our beloved genre in the body horror pic THE MASTER CLEANSE, but that isn't the only horror film we can look forward to seeing Sevigny in as today we've learned the ZODIAC actress has just signed on for another creepy thriller.

UK sales outfit Kaleidoscope has boarded international rights to Danny Perez's horror ANTIBIRTH, set to star "Orange is the New Black" actress Natasha Lyonne and "Those Who Kill's" Chloe Sevigny, according to Screen Daily.

Currently in pre-production, readying for a shoot in August 2014, the film charts the story of...

...a wild-eyed stoner living in a barren desert community who seems to be growing pregnant as rumours of aliens spread.

Executive producer on the horror is LONE SURVIVOR and END OF WATCH exec Jeff Rice.

Traverse Media’s Cole Payne, who is also producing, had this to say about Perez:

“Writer and director Danny Perez is a special filmmaker the industry should watch.  His vision for the film truly reminds me of Cronenberg’s The Fly.”

That's certainly high praise and excites us to know more about ANTIBIRTH. Plus having the alluring Sevigny onboard doesn't hurt.

More on ANTIBIRTH as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of Chloe Sevigny? What is your favorite film she's appeared in?
Source: Screen Daily



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