Clive Standen signs on for Stefan Ruzowitzky's Patient Zero

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Just a few weeks after learning that Stanley Tucci had nabbed the villain role in the upcoming Screen Gems thriller PATIENT ZERO, we've now learned that "Vikings" star Clive Standen is also set to join Tucci, Matt Smith (TERMINATOR: GENYSIS), and Natalie Dormer ("Game of Thrones") for the Stefan Ruzowitzky-helmed flick.

“Patient Zero” follows an unprecedented global pandemic of a super-strain of rabies that has resulted in the evolution of a new species driven by violence. An inexplicably immune human survivor with the ability to communicate with this new species must spearhead a hunt for Patient Zero in order to find a cure to save his infected wife and humanity.

Standen will play Sargent Knox, a rough-around-the-edges military leader who is trying his hardest to control the uncontrollable situation.

Ruzowitzky is directing the Mike Le-scripted action thriller. Vincent Newman is producing.

Natalie Dormer

Extra Tidbit: How is the cast for PATIENT ZERO stacking up so far in your opinion?
Source: Variety



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