Cool Horror Gear: New Aliens Figure adds James Cameron to the Marines!

This silly shite has got to be the coolest movie tie-in toy I have ever seen. Hyperbole? I don't know about that. Seriously, name a toy that is cooler than having director James Cameron as part of the colonial marines kicking alien ass all over the planet LV-426.

You can check out all the pics and the rundown on NECA's new Cameron Colonial Marine character below. And let me say that the funniest aspect to me is that Cameron's "weapons" are a film slate and a director's viewfinder." Classic. True classic.

James Cameron ALIENS figure rundown:

Director James Cameron joins the Aliens universe as an action figure! The first-ever action figure featuring his likeness is a tribute to the process of creating the movie Aliens as well as the director himself. USCM Colonel Cameron becomes the highest-ranking officer in the Aliens movie universe.

The 7" scale figure has over 25 points of articulation and features the likeness of James Cameron as he appeared during the filming of Aliens. There are a few fun Easter eggs relating to the director hidden on the figure itself: a Canadian flag shoulder patch, the Lightstorm logo, and a Pandora planet patch.

The figure comes with a pistol, pulse rifle, and tracking device, plus two "behind-the-scenes" accessories: a replica clapboard and the viewfinder Cameron wore around his neck while filming for setting up shots.

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Ship Date: November 2017!

Extra Tidbit: He has a Pandora patch. Classic. Total classic.
Source: Neca



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